Beach Flyer

The City of Hollywood planned to destroy the Johnson St. garage after July 4, resulting in a loss of 900 parking spaces. Local businesses owners did not have a vote.

Dollar loss to local merchants:
900 cars a weekend X $50 per car equals $45,000 per weekend of lost revenue. Over $2.3 Million per year!

To fight to allow expansion of parking by beach prop- erty owners. To GROW, rather than SHRINK, parking by supporting innovative parking solutions.

Parking Spaces

The City of Hollywood will allow Margaritaville to serve customers directly on the beach. This is GREAT, but, ALL restaurants on the beach should be allowed to serve customers.

To propose an ordinance to allow all restaurants to serve customers directly on the beach. Customers will come to the restaurants to order, and the order delivered out to the customer.

The Hollywood Code of Ordinances do not work for the Beach district, and need to be revised or amend- ed to conform to the uniqueness of the area.

To use my position of Commissioner to clarify key points of the code for accurate interpretation and enforcement.
I will work closely with the CRA director as an advocate for the beach merchants to ensure thatall merchants, property owners, and residents are treated with respect and the practical concerns and needs of the community are considered before any policy is initiated.

Hollywood Beach does not shut down at night. Tourists and locals want to have fun on the Broad- walk to enjoy the music and entertainment.

To increase the police presence on the beach at night to ensure safety so everyone has a fun, safe night on Hollywood Beach.

I support every small business on the beach by visiting the beach! My family and friends patronize the restaurants and businesses, and my fiance and I ride our bikes along the Broadwalk. I LOVE Hollywood Beach.

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Elect Richard Valdez
for Hollywood Commissioner