A 9 minute summary of my campaign. I gained the support of 40 local businesses. The earned the endorsement of the AFL-CIO, the Teamsters, The Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, and the Teachers Union. And I threw a hip-hop party. Free. I won 31% of the vote, spending 92% less than the incumbent.

I sought to compare voter rolls with Facebook. Then send a message to those that matched. Instead, I stumbled upon a gaping security hole in Facebook. I am able to search Facebook, find matches, send messages and even send Friend Requests programmatically. Some would call it a crack, an exploit, a hack. I call it a competitive advantage. The hole is still there. And the bad guys haven't found it. Facebook, call me maybe.

I wanted to ensure that Google and Bing found my content and ranked it highly. I pushed hard on my site and the content. In the end, searching for my name on Google returned 8 out of the top 10 links, out of 4 million hits. And searching "Hollywood Commissioner" returned my content 10 out of 10 links on Bing, worldwide. A complete takeover. Proving you can fully control your own identity on the Web.