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"Mind your purse. Safety first. Love, Hollywood." - Richard Valdez, Hollywood commissioner candidate launches public awareness campaign.

HOLLYWOOD FL, April 16 - Civic leaders asked the candidate Richard Valdez what he would do as Commissioner to fight crime in some neighborhoods of Hollywood. The job as commissioner is not to police, but to inform. To work with law enforcement to ensure that citizens take as much responsibility for their safety as the police do to enforce it. Richard came to the conclusion that crime is not in some parts of Hollywood. Crime is distributed throughout the city, and downtown has it’s share.

The Sun-Sentinel newspaper each Sunday publishes the Police Blotter - a round-up of local crime in Broward County. Every week, there is a recurring story. A purse is stolen. A car's window is smashed and a purse is stolen. A purse is stolen while a woman is pumping gas. Every week. Lifted right from the local paper, purses being stolen from cars are a top crime. One solution to stop this crime is with better education, not more police. The crime of stealing purses is so personal, so invasive. It's a crime against women. It's not a Hollywood crime. It's in every city in Broward; In Florida. So let's start in Hollywood.

Mr. Valdez is distributing stickers that say, "Mind your purse. Safety first. Love, Hollywood." The stickers are free. There is an email address to receive a sticker as well: [email protected]. “It would be great if Hollywood businesses embraced the initiative and posted the stickers at their business, showing that they care, and Hollywood cares,” says Richard.

The public awareness campaign goal is to remind women be aware of their personal belongings, and to send a positive message about the city. “Hollywood is a great town. My goal is to gently remind the residents to take care, be safe, and at the same time, create a positive feeling for the City of Hollywood,” states Mr. Valdez. “I want the voters to know that I have real ideas. This is my crime-fighting idea as a citizen and as a candidate. Imagine what I could do as a Commissioner.”

About Richard Valdez
Richard Valdez is running for Hollywood City Commissioner, District 1. Richard has been in advertising and publishing for 20 years and would like to bring modern advertising techniques to local government. Friend him on Facebook at Richard is also holding a Meet and Greet at Hollywood Vine, 2035 Harrison St. in downtown Hollywood on Thursday, May 10th.


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