Hollywood FL -- Richard Valdez is excited to declare that he is running for a seat as City Commissioner of Hollywood Florida. A new resident to Hollywood, Richard sees great potential for the city far beyond a seaside tourist destination.

The population of Hollywood is 140,000 people. 71% of them leave Hollywood each day for employment. Mr. Valdez recognizes an opportunity for local businesses to grow and retain talent. "If the 71% didn't have to drive to Miami or Boca Raton for work, it represents 99,000 more beach and downtown visitors in the before- and after-work hours."

Richard Valdez describes his view of Hollywood. "These are the kinds of businesses I would like to see in Hollywood: A Fry's Electronics on US1; a book store, a comics and games store downtown. I want community Maker Sheds set up on Dixie Highway. I want to attract more engineers, designers, cyber-security experts, and new tech shops. Technology companies bring high-paying, stable jobs populated by fresh talent with new ideas. The city needs to focus on their needs.

"Hollywood is perfect for the new wave of technology companies. Miami's downtown is too congested and expensive. Ft. Lauderdale downtown is too ugly with it's high-rise canyons. Downtown Hollywood is a 10 minute drive from an international airport. A 10 minute bike ride to the beach. Lean start-ups of young technologists want a colorful downtown, a beautiful location, and fair rents from which to start the next Twitter.

"My goal is to visit and call upon technology companies large and small from Florida, California, Texas. Especially South Florida. It doesn't matter if those companies are thinking of relocating... Yet. Hollywood is targeting technology and the city wants the South Florida companies to know. When that startup grows from 6 employees to 60, Hollywood will be the first in their mind for expanding."

Richard Valdez lives in Hollywood Lakes. He walks to the downtown, and rides bikes on the Beach Broadwalk. Richard is passionate about his District and asks your vote to share that passion on the Hollywood City Hall Commission.


For more information or to schedule an interview with Richard Valdez, email: [email protected] or call 786-261-8576