Once elected, my goal is to make Hollywood the Silicon Beach of Florida; the chosen destination of technology start-ups to set up shop. I am a technologist that specialized in advertising and publishing. My world is composed of press releases, Google Search, banner ads, magazine ads and TV commercials. I want more technology companies to call Hollywood home. The tech buzz in our city should be a featured article in Wired magazine.

These are the kinds of businesses I would like to see in Hollywood: A Fry's Electronics on US1. A book store, a comics and movie memorabilia store downtown. I want community Maker sheds set up on Dixie Highway. I want to attract more engineers, designers, cyber-security experts, and new tech shops. Technology companies bring high-paying, stable jobs populated by fresh talent with new ideas. The city needs to focus on their needs.

Hollywood is perfect for the new wave of technology companies. Miami's downtown is too congested and expensive. Ft. Lauderdale downtown is too ugly with it's high-rise canyons. Downtown Hollywood is a 10 minute drive from an international airport. A 10 minute bike ride to the beach. Lean start-ups of young technologists want a colorful downtown, a beautiful location, and fair rents from which to start the next Twitter.

My goal is to visit and call upon technology companies large and small from Florida, California, Texas. Especially South Florida. It doesn't matter if those companies are thinking of relocating... Yet. Hollywood is targeting technology and the city wants the South Florida companies to know. When that startup grows from 6 employees to 60, Hollywood will be the first in their mind for expanding.

To spur the interest in Hollywood as a new technology center, I propose starting a new conference, Silicon Beach Hollywood. The now famous TED (Technology Entertainment and Design) conference started modestly in Monterey CA. Locals from the (Silicon) Valley came and spoke, entertained, and demonstrated. Silicon Beach Hollywood would start as modestly. South Florida is a quiet hot-bed of great technology, world-leading entertainment, and thought-provoking design. Locals would be invited for a three-day event. Tickets would be sold for the event. 200 events, panels, and displays over three days. A draw of hundreds of visitors. Each being shown why Hollywood is the next best location to set up shop. Silicon Beach Hollywood would benefit the tourist economy and the long term economy of Hollywood.

Civic leaders have asked how I would address crime in troubled spots in the city. My solution would always be a technology solution. Put web-enabled cell-cameras in high-crime areas. Or anywhere the budget would allow. The key to success is that the anyone can visit the website the see the action. The era of Them watching Us is over. As Facebook as shown, we are in the new era of Us watching Us. Us sharing with Us. Pointing a camera at a private residence would not be allowed. Only down streets, and at any business that welcomes the extra security provided by a world-wide network of observers.

This is my focus as City Council member of District 1. Bringing long term, stable employment to the city of Hollywood.